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Hello, welcome to my temporary website.
I was born in East Los Angeles, California in 1946. In 1970, I co-founded GOEZ Art Studios & Gallery with the brothers Joe and John Gonzalez. The first
such Chicano group of this kind in Los Angeles. Then in 1975, Wayne Alaniz Healy and I founded East Los Streetscapers, a public art group that has produced many
artworks in different medias; such as acrylic and ceramic murals, metal sculpture and concrete relief. Two of my solo murals  "Dreams of Flight" and "Read Between
the Lines" have become very popular. One is pictured below. I had worked simultaniously in the furniture advertizing industry and then in the theme park-painting field
at the same time as my mural career has progressed through the years. Now that i'm retired from Universal Studios; I am working on my archives and gallery artwork.


This is a detail of my second solo mural "Read Between the Lines" painted in 1975. It has
received exceptional publicity and has been documented in various ways. Because of the poor
condition of the stucco wall that it was painted on; I have had to retouch it many times through
the years and eventually completely remake the intire wall surface. This year I was fortunate to
receive a commission from the community group Volunteers of East Los Angeles, to repaint the
mural totally. The theme is my most political and socially significant message, that I've done.
Here you see a young man turning away from what his family is doing (watching American TV)
and is being inspired by an ancient precolumbian deity Quetzalcoatl, as he reads a book on
Mexico. Most of my public artwork has been co-operative; which is much easier and more fun
to do, with at least one more person. My work with the Streetscapers has been very creative
and productive as well as being very satisfying. I am now doing much of the artwork in Photoshop.
My next project is to restore my first solo mural "Dreams of Flight" at Estrada Courts in Boyle Heights.

Chicano Artist,   Scenic Painter,   Gallery Painter,   Commercial Artist,  Giclée Prints,   Postcards,   Photographer  and  Mural Restorer 

1970 was a momentous year in my life: I became Chicano...I was already working in Advertizing in downtown Los Angeles and tutoring with my local parish's Youthgroup , when I helped
the Gonzalez Family build "GOEZ Imports & Fine Arts" (later to become GOEZ Art Gallery and Studios). At that same time I experienced the (Chicano) Vietnam Moratorium in ELA, first
hand, on Aug. 29th. Next I traveled to Mexico City in a VW bug with my High School friend John Gonzalez (one of the brothers); where we saw the Mexican Mural Masters and
Precolumbian Art up close. And best of all, later that year, I helped Johnny detail and render his first mural "The Birth of our Art". This was the first of our co-operative murals. I came to
think of "Chicano" as a politicised Mexican American. In that era, you came to learn about Unions for Farm Workers, Boycotts, Civil Liberties for all, Better Education at all school
levels and Representation in Congress to name a few. Also, I felt you had to learn the history between the USA and Mexico to be really political.